Monday, September 12, 2016

Catch Up

Good morning and what a beautiful morning it is out there.  It was lovely and fresh went I put the rubbish out, so much so that I had a little wander around the garden, just really looking at the flowers with that morning dew on them....wonderful.

Hope that you have had a smashing weekend and just where did it go?  Katerina called me on Friday via face time, from a beach in Cyprus with her sisters and cousin and friends.  I love modern technology as it lets me chat to them, hear them laughing, see the sunshine and be a part of their day, all those miles away. So lucky.

I managed to drive myself to the hospital on Friday to have blood tests, that is the first time I have driven in a while and to honest, I dont think I could drive too far or for too long but blood tests have been done.  I have to go again in two weeks.  Never mind, this is all supposed to be helping me so I will give it a chance.

It was Christmas card and chatter get together Friday night and again ladies, it was a lovely night. Thanks to everyone that came as you made it special.  We put the world to rights, caught up on all the  news and the time just flew by.

Saturday Pam picked me up and took me out for the day.  We saw some amazing views as we drove quite a way through the Pennines.  Again the sun was shinning and it got quite warm.  Crafting shopping was involved of course and we had a great day out.  It is so nice to escape the four walls of home, although I do love my home, it was wonderful to be out. I took quite a few photos and when I went to download them yesterday from my phone, they weren't there.  In fact, none of my photos for a couple of days was there.  I rang Paul but he couldnt help, I was on the net, turn phone off, then on.  Do all the updates etc. etc. but no luck.  Pam did suggest going back to take the photos again.  Well last night, early morning I woke up and wondered *did I have too many photos on my phone* So I have just had a luck. Imagine my surprise 2018 photos OMG.  I shall start to delete some later today, opps.

The garden today doesnt look any different today as it did last Thursday because the chappies didnt come back Thursday afternoon.  They turned up at 9.30 Friday morning to tell me that they had spent an hour at the walk in center as boss cant walk and they have referred him to the Royal for an X ray, which is where they were going.  I know they aren't coming today so let us see what Tuesday will bring.  What a palarver.

I am struggling to craft, as you can imagine but, I have been doing some kits and this is one that I have made

Right, I had best get drinking that water, ready for the day ahead.  I shall be pottering should anyone fancy a cuppa, up to about 3pm and then I am best left alone until Thursday, opps.  Hoping you have a lovely day and if you made it reading it all until the end, have a lovely day

P.S.  Check the Clearance rack tomorrow morning, early and should you wish to purchase anything, dont forget to use SEPTEMBERS hostess code for anything less than £150 x

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