Sunday, February 10, 2013

Elements of Style Sunday

Sunday and the day of rest, honest.  What a great weekend we have had so far.  Friday afternoon we drove to Harrogate.  We got up to the M1 island to find out it was closed so it took us an hour to get on on the motorway via another route. Never mind, we still had a good journey up, the weather was lovely and crisp and the views were amazing.  Checked into the hotel and this was waiting for us.  Just look at how each of the tails of the string had been curled, well it would have been rude not to open the box

This is what was inside.

Never have been to Harrogate before, it reminded me of Bath (another place we are re-visiting later this year).  I loved the buildings, the lights on all the trees and the atmosphere, what I didnt love was the freezing cold.  My ears tingled they were so cold.  We had a stroll around the town center, had a drink in a pub that used to be a 'spa' and just soaked it all in.  But not enough time so, we plan on returning, when its a bit warmer.

Saturday we drove to a car showroom and Paul traded in his car for another one, he is like a big kid with a new toy.  Its a lovely car though, pictures will follow tomorrow.  Then we went to Samuel Taylors craft shop which sold mostly wool!!!  Paul very kindly took me to Art from the Heart just a few miles outside Harrogate, somewhere I had been looking forward to going.  All I can say is that they have lots of bits and pieces, a bit TOO different for me but I found a couple of items that I purchased.  I think it would have been a better visit if the staff had been helpful !!!!

Back to last weekend and another of the cards that was made.  This is from the Elements of Style Stamp set.

The main image has had the leaves coloured in using a blender pen and the ink pad.  At our Stamping Saturday the image was run through the big shot which gave it a lovely textured finished, hopefully I can show you one of those later in the week.

Coming back down the motorway yesterday all the signs said


Goodness knows what we are going to get today.  I hope that you all stay safe.  Katerina (youngest) is off to London by coach at 6.45 this morning, that is if I ring her and she gets up.  Thank you for having a read and I hope you have a great day of rest.

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