Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesdays post

I have been up with the larks this morning.  I expect I shall be needing a power nap this afternoon, sounds good already.

A friend of mine has been suffering with  a frozen shoulder for quite a few weeks now which I understand is very painful.  Not only that but it restricts you on doing so much, crafting, driving, getting out and about etc.  This is the card that I made her and, fingers crossed, she has already received it.

Well there are just a couple of places left for the next group of Stamperettes?  drop me a line at and I will tell you more about it.  There are a few details on the Stamperettes tab at the top of my blog too.  It will start on 28th February.

Not a lot done yesterday, pottering I think is the correct term and its going to be more of the same again today.  I am still keeping up with my January word of  ONCE  and my February word of GONE. I can honestly say that if I am looking for a certain piece of paper or a letter or something I can put my hands on it straight away so I am well chuffed with myself.  The house is certainly looking a little less cluttered, the charity shop has had lots of bits from me and as I am continually sorting things out I currently have a box full of odd stamps, books and other bits that others may want.  I am also trying to get at least 5 cards each day finished.  These are the ones that are just sat there waiting for either a button, or a pearl, an insert or a cello bag.

We have had quite a serious problem with a leak in the kitchen.  The water variety, not the edible one.  It has damaged units in the kitchen, the grout in the tiles and we are currently without kickboards , drying out the process is called.  Just another little hic cup on this week of mis haps....waiting for the next thing.

Fortunately, its still Sale a Bration and will be for another few weeks.  As I am not 100% well I am not crafting so at least there will be chance to catch up and use those freebies once I feel a bit better. 

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