Friday, February 22, 2013

It is officially the weekend

Its the weekend YEAH.  I really do feel tons better today, I guess the doc was right in saying that a week to get used to my tablets with no other pressures would be good for me.  But I do miss the gym, hay ho, I shall go back there on Monday.

Had a blood test yesterday and back to the doc next week to get results.  Blood pressure a lot lower, no headache and I havent had a nose bleed in ohh 4 days now so things must have turned a corner and I am well on the way back to being Tracey again.

Kitchen kickboards are back on and the kitchen is getting warmer, staying dry, another good job done Paul.

Christiana, my eldest daughter, is coming over to stay for a couple of weeks.  If you know of anywhere interesting that we can go, please tell me.  Are you having a crafting event somewhere?  We would love to come and join you.  Coffee, cake out? just tell us where and when.  She hasnt done much crafting for a while but I am sure that she will OD on it when she is here.  She will also be around for Easter too, I cant wait. So Christiana comes here, Katerina, who is in Preston has decided to go to Barcelona for a week with 6 friends and Sophia, who is in Cyprus, is off to Greece.  They are all spreading their wings.

Milk Bottle Tops, oh yes, I am collecting these.  Well I am collecting on behalf of a friend.  For every pile of milk bottle tops collected, that weigh the same as a wheelchair, then a wheelchair will be delivered, free of charge to charity.  So, if you have milk bottle tops that you could save for me, that would be fantastic.  They just need a little rinse out and pile them up.

Yesterday I said I was going to do a bit of scrapbooking and I did do a bit.  In fact I managed to do a two page layout.

I am not brilliant at getting it all photographed properly but I am sure you get the idea.  I was really surprised at how much I loved spending the time putting things together.  Okay they are not works of art, I am still a bit frightened by it all but I had fun.....something I think we forget to do at times.  I managed to get 3 more cards on the stand ready to go too as well as  5 bags of rubbish (why do I hoard) and a box full of freebies.  First come first served.

I also have lots and lots of retired stamps for sale, oh yes, I have to make room in my craftroom so I would like to learn some new things you see so my craft room needs a bit of space.

I am sorry that this is a bit late today, issues with internet.  Can I also say to Anita, I really appreciate your comments and I am sorry that they are not published but I have taken the decision not to publish them.  This is my blog to share things that I do with my friends and my family as and when I can, I do hope you will understand.

Well thanks for having a visit and I hope some of it was interesting for you.  Enjoy your evening and weekend and I shall be back when I can.

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