Monday, February 11, 2013

Fabulous Phrases and Bettys

Another start to another week.

Tomorrow its Tuesday at Tracey's.  I am baking today but my cakes wont be as good as those that they have at Bettys in Harrogate.  Here I am am, wrapped up against all the elements outside Bettys.


Oh yes, we went in and had tea and a tea cake.  Whilst the full English Cream Tea looked and sounded wonderful, I didnt fancy any of the sandwiches and I dont like scones too much (cant eat anything that has bicarb of soda in it).  So it was a tea cake, a listen to a chappie on a piano and a lovely hour spent soaking up the atmosphere.  I dont know it but Paul got me a wonderful box of Betty Chocs for Valentines day ssshhh.

I have made blueberry muffins, coconut cake and cherry muffins are just about to go in the oven

Fabulous Phrases is a stamp set that I have looked at and looked at and in the end just had to have.  Here is what I did with it.  I copied one of the cards that are in the Catalogue.  The catalogue not only shows you what is available to purchase but gives you a great selection of projects you can make too. This is another of the cards that we made at our Stamping Saturday

Christiana (eldest) has complained that I dont blog each day....unfortunately time doesnt always stretch itself that far but I shall try.

GONE is working out fantastically.  Some more items went to the Charity shop and today I am having a little sort out of magazines.  I shall be putting those that I have read, re read and double checked to one side and if anyone that comes tomorrow would like them, they are ready.  If not, I shall take them to the Charity Shop on Wednesday.  Also got a couple of small boxes and some crafting pencil cases that are looking for homes. 

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful evening

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