Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Not firing on all cylindars at the moment

Okay, headache or no headache, No. 1 daughter wants to know why I havent blogged.

I have had a couple of really bad migraines.  Rather frightening as the usual going to sleep, staying in a dark room, lots of pills etc. didnt shift it so I ended up going to the doctor. I know its not a brilliant reason to go to see the doc but I was getting lots of other side effects, vomitting, nose bleeds, dizziness (what do you mean I am usually dizzy).  On top of having the mini stroke just months ago I thought the doc could advise me.  Well he did, blood pressure sky high which can cause migraine.  Up the medication goes, drat and even more tablets to take.  For those that know me, everytime the doc has increased my dosage of blood pressure tablets, I have a few side effects so, the doc said I have to take more tablets and I will give you a week off work to get used to them.  Thanks.  So no crafting for a few days either, boo hoo.

So now I really am not firing on all cylinders.  Getting my coffee cup out of the fridge has proved it.  Do you know how long I was looking for it? ages and ages.  I fancied a coffee, made it, had a couple of sips and it vanished. 

Sitting at the computer hasnt been possible as I havent been able to wear my glasses, due to having a headache and not wanting to strain my eyes so, I havent done a lot.  Hay ho, things can only get better though.  I know that there are a lot of people worse off than I am so I shall just soldier on.

I do have a few photos to share with you.  The first is pancake day last week and it was our very first Pancake Day together.  I made the pancakes and Paul ate them.

Then we had Valentines Day.  I was so ill and Paul cooked a lovely meal, garlic mushrooms, steaks and souffle but I just couldnt do it justice.  Here is the card that I made for him,

Paul doesnt like squares on squares he calls them.  One layer card man

And this is what I found for him.  There were lots and lots of packets of love hearts in a big tube.  Paul likes a tuffee (that is what he calls them) each morning on his way to work, so these will be ideal.
He got me a box of choccys but I shall show you those next time.

We woke up today to a thick fog but just look what I found in the front garden
There are 3 of them, little snowdrops.  I hope that all the others that I planted come through soon.

Well thanks for having a read today and you have just about caught up with the last week.  I hope you manage to stay dry and warm


Jackie said...

Oh dear Tracey, sorry to hear that you are not doing too well at the moment. I hope the extra tablets don't affect you too badly...hugs
Jackie xx

Buffy said...

Take it easy, put your feet up and don't forget, we are only a phone call away.
Oh and coffee is a bad idea when you have migraine....sorry.
Hope you start to feel better soon

Buffy x