Sunday, June 1, 2014

1st June already

Up at 4.30 is not a good time to be up but wow, its quiet as the birds havent started to sing, its calm because everyone else is asleep and it is warm, actually I can say its muggy this morning.  I guess I may need a nap in the afternoon to catch up or most certainly,  bed early tonight.

Yesterday I went out to Doncaster for the day. It takes about an hour and half from Derby and the plan was a wander around a craft shop, then a browse around normal shops (you know, clothes, household goods etc. I forget they exist) but you know what plans are....not for keeping that for sure.  We went to visit Which Craft which is a lovely shop and Paula, the owner, made us extremely welcome.  Lots and lots of wonderful cards to look at.  I was just having a natter with her and discovered that she had a class just about to start so that was it, the next couple of hours was taken up making cards with some lovely ladies, here is one of them, cards that is, not lady

I now have tons of ideas, lots of inspiration just not enough craft supplies out on the side to do it all.  We then had a bite to eat and a wander but not enough time to do it all so, somewhere we are going to go back to.

Stampin' Up! have lots happening at the moment, not only a retired list of items - please see previous post, there is also the joining of Stampin' Up! offer, that is on a previous post too.  Then there is a whole new range of products about to come out in just 10 days time, Project Life.  This really is something that I am looking forward to and if you fancy finding out more, please do give me a ring on 01332 721877 or send me an email  I cant wait to get started.

Sunday is usually the day of rest but hay, that doesnt happen too often.  The weather is supposed to be nice so I may get my car cleaned but for most of today I am sorting out bedding, what to take and what to donate.  Its got to be done.  Then there is getting everything ready for the rest of the week for work and planning the week but it will all be rounded off lovely with a meal with Son and family at tea time.

Thanks for having a read and I do hope you have a great day


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