Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturdays Post

I am up far too early for a Saturday morning but as I have a busy day planned for tomorrow, I want to get as much done today as I can.

It is supposed to be extremely wet today but inbetween the showers, I shall be washing and hoovering my car.  It needs a little tlc, well we all do at times dont we.  And then it is continuing with the packing, oh yes, there are still lots of little bits and bobs to go away.

Unfotunately, it seems that the sellers of the bungalow that we are supposed to be buying, may not be able to purchase the house that they wanted, for lots of various reasons.  So we have been told that it is highly unlikely that we will be able to purchase the bungalow as the sellers will not be selling it!! Yes they can do this and all the money we have paid out, goes down the drain.  We really are keeping our fingers crossed that they will continue with the sale despite what we are being told but who knows what will happen.  However, we have sold our house so we do have to move out so continuing with the packing, is what we shall do today. 

We have found lots and lots of lovely things at the back of cupboards, on that high shelf, that werent really lost, just put away and forgotten.  Its been wonderful going down memory lane but so time consuming, tut tut.  

Last night was Derby Dabblers and it was fantastic to see so many people again.  I didnt take one phototgraph, opps.  I did manage to do a few inserts and finish a couple of cards off that I wanted to make.  I have to put my crafty bits away this morning and hope that I can find them again next week, for the Christmas card club.

I got THE new Stampin' Up! catalogue for 2014 - 2015 and I cant put it down.  It is so very different from previous ones and every time I look at it, I am just loving something else.  When I think back, I am sure I was the same last year, and the year before and the year before.   I can tell you that not a lot of stamps have been taken over from the 2013-2014 book so if there is something that you really are desperate to have and not kick yourself for not getting it, please let me know and I will order it for you.  I have taken off my on line ordering but a quick email or phone call will get you your goodies just as quick as an online order, and its free postage this month (an offer from me, not SU).

I forgot a birthday, how could I?  I just got totally confused with dates but this was put in the post last night.  Not a brilliant photo but it has lots of sparkle.

I have 8 birthdays next week so sometime over the weekend, I must get all the cards sorted out.

We have lots and lots of baby birds in our garden, as soon as I can snap a photo, I shall share it with you.

Thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a lovely day, despite the weather.

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