Saturday, June 28, 2014

Not so Sunny Saturday

Saturday and up well before the larks today but it is an exciting day so thats okay.  The weather forecast isnt too good with 80% chance of rain and temperatures around 19 degrees, so not cold.

Today the lights come out of the garden, the plants all get put in one area, the garden furniture gets all stacked up because on Wednesday, yes Wednesday we move house.  Now that is all depends on the exchange going through on Monday and completion on Tuesday.  We were promised exchange last Wednesday, then Thursday and finally yesterday but it just never happened.  I am afraid our solicitor has let us down big time and I can certainly see why people say moving home is the most stressful time of their lives although to be honest, I dont feel stressed, I dont think.  I dont really feel anything.  Here are all the boxes so far,

 This doesnt include all the boxes upstairs.

I do still have my bedroom and living room free from boxes but after today, that may not be the case.
I said to Paul last night, goodness I know we have all this now but when we get to the new place, it will all be worse.  To tell you the truth, I cant wait to move now, a new start, our own home together.  Starting afresh is going to feel so wonderful.

Tuesday afternoon and evening I hope to be spending time cleaning as much as I can so I will be in the bungalow with rubber gloves, bleach and mop.  I dont believe we will have internet for a few days but I do hope to be able to take my phone number.

Apart from the packing, life still goes on.  I have worked quite a few extra hours this week and enjoyed it.  Lots of people are off or on holiday so it has been quiet and extremely nice.  But I have still been able to enjoy the wonderful fragrance from my jasmine plant and mock orange plant.  They have both gone a little mad this year, and these are plants that I must replace in the new house

 Oh yes, I am going around the house taking lots of photographs just in case I forget what something looks like.  I may want to recreate things in the new house and my memory is not what is used to be.

How about this?

I made it for my mum for her birthday and loved doing it.  Cant wait to do some more.

Stampin' Up! news  I GOT THE BROCHURES, oh yes, I had the new brochures delivered so, if you would like to join stamperettes, starting on 28th July, come along and grab your free catalogue.  Not sure until you have see this amazing book, come along and have a peek.  If you would like to purchase this fantastic catalogue, I have quite a few here and, you will just have to ignore the boxes, have a quick cuppa and who knows, you may just end up sorting out some plants.  I am in most of today and I do have samples of all the new IN colours.

Still a few days left to grab yourself a few bargains, YES lots of retiring products have already gone but still weekly deals are around, quite a lot of goodies on the retired list and, oh there is a yes, LOTS from last years Winter brochure can now be purchased.

My next order will be going in on Monday and I am still offering FREE p+p for anything added and delivered to me.  Give me a call on 01332 721877 and get your Christmas supplies while stocks last.

Thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a lovely day.  If you fancy a cuppa and a crafty chat, do call in

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Lesley said...

Hope your move goes smoothly and at least you didn't loose the bungalow which is great news - hope the move goes smoothly best wishes Lesley x