Saturday, June 21, 2014

The longest day of the year

Goodness, that sun is already warm, its going to be a lovely day.  Its not yet 6am and I have all the windows open.  I know that not everyone enjoys the heat so I do hope that you manage to keep cool.

I have shredded quite a few more papers (note to ones self, not to keep letters I do not need).  I have a few bags ready for the charity shop again and when Paul returns, he will take them for me. 

I received this wonderful card in the post, thank you Pauline.  I love the colours, the stamps and the borders.  

I will have to have a go at making a few of these once my crafting space is sorted out.

House news well, no news is good news I hope.  Fingers crossed that I can tell you more on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend

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