Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday's mess

Not such an early start today, guess its not such an exciting morning ahead. 

Another week begins and heres hoping that the weather is nice this week.  What lovely weather we had yesterday, did you make the most of it?

Here are another couple of cards and tags made with the wonderful Peaceful Petals stamp set and these are a couple that are all ready to go for the next crafty night get together, which I hope wont be too long.
Along with a blue and green stamp n write marker, a blender pen, some blue or green card for the insert and the brilliant tag punch, you can soon whip up a batch of these.

Photos of what I came home to on Saturday evening.

Paul had piled up all my crafty bits and bobs from around the room, on shelves and generally all nice neat and tidy and he removed my shelves and a few pictures from the walls.  Dust, goodness there was dust everywhere.  It took ages to clean but clean I did.

We have begun to sell things on ebay but what a performance that was.  I couldnt access my ebay account, all my 9 years worth of credit (so to speak) has gone.  I had to re register and start all over again, I am finding nothing is easy and straight forward these days but this will not beat me.  I will not let these things get the better of me and will always find a way round, phew.

I had best get a wiggle on as I dont want to be late for work, thanks for having a read and have a great day 

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Lesley said...

Glad you got things sorted best wishes Lesley x