Monday, June 16, 2014

Sunny Monday

Monday morning and the forecast for today is supposed to be 20 degrees and sunny by the afternoon, thank you, that will do me.

We had a very relaxing day yesterday, especially as it was Father's Day. The loft is now half empty, another bag or so in the dustbin and a couple of bags ready for the charity shop.  There isnt a lot left to pack, I dont think.

 Just look at the cards that the grandchildren made for Paul
 I think I have some very clever grandchildren as they love making cards.  I have packed all my cardmaking bits away for them to use but I am always looking out for some bargains for them to use.

The girls have always called him "silly funny grandad" and he got a wonderful beer tankered with that engraved on the side of it, WOW.  He was over the moon with it.  Really brightened up his day.

We had the 'soon to be owners of my house' visit us too and guess what, they think that contracts are due to be signed and exchanged on Tuesday, tomorrow, oh I am keeping my fingers crossed. 

Thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day today, whatever you may be doing.

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