Friday, June 20, 2014

Ollies Birthday

Friday and the sun is out.  It is already rather warm out there but the forecast is for showers today and tomorrow with sunshine back on Monday.

I have had another couple of days pottering, as you do and I am hoping to return to work on Monday.  My blood pressure is still low, the doc wont let me reduce my medication and the dizzy spells are still there but if this is what it is to be for a while, then I shall just learn to put up with it, there are a lot of people a lot worse off.

The news on the house front is frustrating.  On Monday we were told that Tuesday was exchange of contracts.  Tuesday came and went.  Wednesday we were told exchange hasnt happened, people buying my house didnt take some document to solicitor but they were doing that on Wednesday, so we would exchange contracts.  We were also told that  27th June was the date that everyone had been given for house move but, we hadnt been officially told this.  In the afternoon we were told dont worry, all is in hand, then we heard nothing all day yesterday.  Last night after another chase around we discovered, all the solicitors were off yesterday, people buying our house had gone on holiday but paperwork was in place but not sure if ready to exchange until end of month, on the other side, something was missing so we couldnt exchange.  It is getting extremely messy and complicated and still right hand doesnt know what left hand is doing.  So to wade through all the confusion, one step forward, two steps back and I am still happy, still living in box city but not a lot to pack anymore.

It was my nieces sons 3rd Birthday earlier in the week and here is the card that I made him, plus another couple of photos.
A few cakes that we made for him

 Do you remember this box?  I managed to get hold of it a few years ago in Cyprus and I am still using it to transport all the little cakes I make for the family
 Here is the birthday boy opening tons and tons of presents, a lucky little chappie
Thanks for having a read and fingers crossed, I can pass on some good news quite soon about the house move.  Have a wonderful day

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