Thursday, January 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Tracy (without an e)

Good morning. It is a very late one for me today but that's okay.  We all deserve a lie in now and again.  I did have a later than normal evening last night, I sat and watched the NTA awards, the first time I have watched an award show in years.  I really enjoyed it.

I am off to the hospital later, wish me well.  I am really hoping to start my injections and just dont know what else can go wrong with this, first it was a cough, then a cold, back to a cough, then the hospital cancelled, then out of date blood tests.  The RA in my fingers and legs is very bad and I unsure of what else I can do for the pain and the swelling while I wait for the injections to kick in but I am sure they will tell me at the hospital later.

Today is Tracy's special birthday and here is the card that I made for her.

I hope she has a very special day.  It is a LOTV creation.  No numbers and no glitter.  The sparkles are all from stickles as Tracy doesnt like glitter.

Katerina is off for an interview today so I am keeping my fingers crossed for her.  Sophia starts work on Wednesday at job No. 1.  There are another 2 jobs that she may be doing as well....I will let you know more in another post.  Cyprus mum in law is still very poorly.  She is still in hospital and the girls are with her daily, as are her cousins, children, friends and family.  She has already had 2 operations (in 1 week) and then there is talk of a 3rd.  I do hope that she recovers from all of this.  Christiana has started coughing again, she is looking forward to coming home but obviously, she wants to see her grandmother as much as she can. 

This afternoon, if all goes well, I shall be pottering in the craft room.  I have some tidying up to do and just generally putting things away as best I can.

Tomorrow there is birthday card night.  Once a month we have Christmas Card and Chatter night and now we have started the Birthday Cards.  I am not sure if I can actually make anything but it is an evening of like minded people getting together to create birthday cards.  If you fancy coming along, just let me know.

Thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a lovely Thursday.  Tracey x

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