Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday's News

Good morning a bit of a damp one today I am told.  I guess I will stay in wrapped up and warm then.

Well I did it.  I went and had my first injection on Thursday.  Side effects were a headache and feeling a bit icky in the evening but I did as I was told and I came home, had tea and put my feet up. Had a folic acid tablet yesterday and today I am up feeling very yakky.  I will just keep soldiering on with a few tv pauses I think. 

Here is one of the cards that I have made using the Beautiful You stamp set.  I can not get enough of this set.
Pinterest has 100's of ideas, themes and samples of what you can do with this set.  It is still available to purchase and if you would like your own set please, get in touch and I shall order it for you when I place an order tomorrow.

It was Birthday Card Night last night.  There were 4 of us and we had a lovely and productive evening.  I think 6 - 8 cards were made by everyone and now we shall look forward to the next get together.   If you would like to make a birthday card or two, why not do it in the company of like minded crafters.  From 6.30ish until 9.30ish in Alvaston, Derby, the next get together is on Friday 24th February.

I am  really sorry to say that my Cypriot mum (ex mother in law who was always like a mum) closed her eyes for the last time on Thursday night.  She has been in hospital for weeks, had one operation after another and doctors were always hopeful that she would be going home but that wasnt the case.  The funeral is this morning, yes it is a lot quicker than the UK.  I feel so sorry for the girls but I know that they are all looking after each other and the rest of the family will take care of them too.  I have years of wonderful memories of her which I shall always treasure.

Wishing you a dry Saturday, thanks for having a read and I shall be back with you again on Monday x

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