Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturdays little bag

Good morning. I thought we would have lots of white stuff phew, nothing yet. That is a blessing. Not like Cyprus, the mountains are closed as too much of the white fluffy stuff.

Earlier in the week  I ran out of special K and so nipped to the local Co Op and purchased a small box which wasnt at a small price. I opened it up the next day and lots of little bits came out. Breakfast was okay.  I put some in my bowl the next day and wasnt too happy as it was mostly little bits but on day 3 it was all bits. 

So I wrote to Kelloggs telling them that a 300g packet of breakfast contains 196g of bits but they want even more information.

Yesterday was the Christmas Card and Chatter night, I guess it was too cold for lots of people to go our but there were 4 of us and what a start on the cards we have made. Very pleased with what I could do, thanks Liz *wink*.

Isnt this a cute little bag from Sheila

I received it at Christmas and I think it is wonderful.  I wouldn't mind making a few of those at some time in the future.

FRIDAY 20th January is the next event.  Please get in touch if you would like to join in, find out more details or get directions of the venue.   The evening starts at 7pm for a cuppa and crafting starts at 7.30pm. 

Right off toput pjs on and catch up with some TV.  Thanks for having a readx

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