Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mr. Scarecrow

Good morning and rather slow today oops.  Hands are getting easier but the knees, they just dont seem to want to move.  So it will be a day at a slow rate lol.

The sun is out, which makes me want to go and sort out the little fairy garden so I may try to do that in a while.  The window cleaner is here at the moment so I shall wait until he finishes.  He usually does a great job of the windows although he only does bungalows as he is afraid of heights on ladders.  oh well.

Meet Mr. scarecrow

Cute isn't he?  He was made using a curvy keepsake die from Stampin' Up!  I would say this is THE one thing that I use all the time for all occasions, my best ever buy.

Thank you to everyone that came round last night, it was a lovely evening and I really enjoyed it, cant wait until we do it again.

Thank you for having a read and wishing you a wonderful Wednesday x

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