Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday's Twitter

I love writing Tuesday's Twitter, which has been going for quite a few years.  I first came up with the post title as I saw lots of birds, sitting on a telephone wire making a noise and it just looked liked they were twittering, anyway good morning, it is silly o'clock but I am wide awake.  I am sure I will be needing a nanny nap later or an extremely early night at least.  Mr. Weatherman says it is going to be 6 degrees today, cloudy with some sunshine, that will fine for me.

Framed Stitches are in stock and are shipping.  If you have been waiting for these please, do give me a call to order them as I know that there is a little order going to be placed later today. If you have already ordered them, it wont be long until they are here.   As a reminder, here they are

I am using them lots and if you need more details or if you would like to come and have a look at mine, please do get in touch.

It is Jane's birthday today and this is the card that was sent out.  This one is I'm bringing birthdays back No. 5
There is another crafting event coming up in a couple of weeks, something a little different.

You may need to click on the image to make it bigger so that you can read it properly.
It is an afternoon of crafting using the Everyday Hero stamp set as well as games of bingo to start and end the event.  Places are limited so if this is something you would be interested in, please get in touch as soon as you can.  If you order the Everyday Hero Stamp set before 24th January, you will get a 10% discount and the stamps will be waiting for you on the day of the event.

Thank you for having a read today and if you are out and about in Alvaston, please feel free to pop in to say hello. x

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