Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More bits on that bookcase

Good morning.  Brr it is a bit colder here in Derby this morning.  I have 4 layers on and am just right but havent been outside yet.  Mr. Weatherman says a maximum of 8 degrees with rain and showers.

If you fancy a cuppa and a catch up, I shall be in the craft room all afternoon today.  There is cake too.

Are you free on Saturday morning and fancy a little crafting.  How about making 13 pages to display on a chalk board.  Everything is included in the kit except sticky stuff.  A whole library of stamps to choose from to embellish each page as well as alphabet dies to cut out words for your pages if you dont want to use what is in the kit.  You will need to bring a sandwich or something for lunch as I am not sure how long this will take.  Please get in touch if you would like to come along or if you would like more information.

No get together this Friday night to make birthday cards.  I have had to cancel this months get together I am afraid.

Here is another card from the Bookcase Builder stamp set

I have lots more ideas for this stamp set, I just need the time.   The trick to this one is to stamp out the lower shelf first, that way you know where to put the higher shelf.  You dont need to have all tall things on the shelf, leaving room for the stags head.  I havent put a sentiment on this as I am not sure who it is for you.  This stamp set has a great 'congratulations' stamp in it, which I used on the insert.  TOP TIP When using this stamp set for the first time, I would recommend that you stamp out the shelf on scrap paper first.  Add each item to your practice shelf first as you need to bring the stamps lower down than you think so it looks as though they are sitting on the shelf.  If you would like to come to try it out first, you are more than welcome.

I had best get this day started before it turns into tomorrow.  Wishing you a wonderful day, hope you manage to stay dry and thanks for having a read x

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