Friday, March 10, 2017

On your bike

Good morning.  It is a bit cloudy today and it isnt as warm as yesterday but I shall keep my fingers crossed that it stays dry.  I may try to do a bit more in the garden later if I can.  It is a struggle but I do keep trying.  I cant cut anything, I cant really dig but a little bit of a hoe and a sweep makes me feel a lot better. 

*waving* at everyone that made it yesterday, it was lovely to see you and ladies, thanks for all the help in clearing away pots, it was appreciated.  I will give green tea a go later Jean.

Another boy card added to the box, my boxes are overflowing again.

It is a good job we have lots of birthdays this month and I think that I have most of the cards ready.  One of the advantages of the framelits is that I can type out a name, cut it out and then add it on to any card that I have previously made making it a personalised card.  It is great for when my hands are not so good.

Blood test today so I am trying to drink lots of water again, it is supposed to help.

A little tidy up and off I go.  Thanks for having a read and tonight it is Christmas Card get together.  Hope to see you later.  Tracey x

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