Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Old car

Good morning. Well it was so windy yesterday, lots of damage, corregated roofs blowing off, debris in roads etc. etc. It certainly made interesting driving.

We managed to get to do a bit more official work done for Christiana but we still have to go out again later this morning to do more.  We had brunch with Sophia in a lovely cafe called mingle.  I have been before and liked it, so we took Paul.

On Sunday we drove to the girls and on a piece of waste land right next to their house on a hill was a VW beetle.  I said to Paul goodness if the registration of that is FW66 it was my car 30 years ago and laughed.  The next minute I was screaming..... it was FW66 so we had to stop for photos.  The car was for sale so I got my sis in law to ring up......just 6000 Euros, perhaps not.

Thanks for having a read xx

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