Tuesday, January 15, 2019

stunning skies

Good morning. Can you believe that we overslept? How can you do that ? Well we did.  We had to pick Sophia up at 9am but we didnt wake up till after 8.30am, ooops. Oh well.

Yesterday was another good day.  We went out for morning coffee and this is the view on the way to the cafe

We then had to go and do sone official things for Christiana which wasnt easy as we were given a whole list of places we have to visit for her.  Then it was back to the apartment for more sorting.  We are doing quite well with the sorting and hope to be finished earlier than anticipated.  But I will keep you Posted on that front.

We made our daily visit to the cemetary yesterday but it isnt getting easier.  I sorted out the wreaths, made sure the candle was lit and put more flowers into vases.  Sophia came with us too.  My sis in laws went earlier in the day and her father would have gone for a visit at some stage.

Last night the weather turned wet, windy and we had thunder and lightening storms.  I borrowed this picture.

It was amazing.  The streets were flooded and I cant tell you how many folk called us to tell us not to go out of the apartment as the news had given “yellow” warnings.  So we stayed put.

Thanks for having a read today. Tracey xx

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