Tuesday, January 1, 2019

And so 2019 begins

Good morning and I hope you had a lovely evening.  Paul and I didnt do much except be together, which was plenty.  I had a sit in a chair that I borrowed from my sister and watched a bit of TV.  It is a reclining chair that also helps you get out of it.  It is on loan to see if I like it or not and if I do, I will buy one that will match our new living room furniture, when we get round to buying some.

Yesterday was a bit busy with hospital visits,  our anual cobweb blowing off at the crem and a wander around town.  We had a lovely dinner courtesy of Mr Mark and Mr Spencer.  Then we stayed up past the bewitching hour and watched the fireworks in London, oh my, they were wonderful.

This morning we opened our pressies and WOW.  Thank you to everyone, I have been terribly spoilt by so many wonderful gifts.  Everything will be treasured and individual Thank Yous will go out over today and tomorrow.  We are also cooking our Turkey Lunch today so that we can have turkey sandwiches tonight, turkey and chips tomorrow and turkey pie after that.  Yes we like turkey.

No crafting bits to share today but hopefully there will be tomorrow.  Thank you for having a read and thank you for all your support during 2018.  We couldnt have gotten through the last few weeks without our friends, really.

Wishing you a Happy 2019 xx

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