Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Foggy Tuesday

No work for me today, I get an extra day off for Easter as does everyone else that I work with. I have just re read yesterdays post and i cant believe how many spelling mistakes there are, I will be a bit more careful today.

Fog, goodness, it is thick fog out there.  I am having trouble with my internet / computer so I am sat outside, in the fog with a cuppa updating the blog.  The neighbours must think I am mad.

Wasn't the sunshine lovely yesterday.  I was a busy bee all day long but today, its socialising whoop whoop.  I do have to sweep up all the moss again though.

The house is clean, no washing to do and the crafty space is full of lots of lovelies for sale.  The cakes are made and the kettle will go on at half past one so if you are in the area, just call in.  If you are in Derby and would like venue details, let me know.  Same again tonight from 6.30. 

I am sorting through my drawers, bit by bit as I have so many half finished projects that I am determined to finish and I have been putting all my sticky rolls in one place. 
Every time I go out the house and see some sticky stuff on sale, I buy it.  I have tons of the stuff so if you are out with me, lead me away from the sticky stuff.

Another card made for the twins.  Sophia asked me to make this for Katerina as Katerinas nick name in Greek is Babkia, duck.

I am pleased to say, she liked it.  I need to get crafting to make more cards, but lots of other things to do first.

Off out for a quick coffee this morning, I love early morning get togethers as it sets me up for the whole day.

Thank you for having a read and have a wonderful day

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