Sunday, April 26, 2015

The green room becomes a cream room

Lots and lots of rain yesterday, its a good job we spent most of the day indoors. The forecast for today is a cloudy day with temperatures up to about 13 degrees, which will do me thank you very much.

Paul came home with this, it is a wireless Dyson that is lightweight.

I have wanted one for ages and he found a bargain whilst he was away.  I am hoovering all day long now as it is just so handy and no trailing wires.  As the Dyson needs to be mounted to the wall, the place I want to put it is in the everything room, just behind the door.  But this room needed painting so, it had its first coat of paint yesterday.  The walls were pale blue and bright green

Now the walls are starting to look cream but they may need two or three coats.  I have some wall art to put up when its finished and hopefully, I can get the new curtains up and in place before next weekend.  Then that will be another room done.  Oh carpets, not going to change those until I know Paul is home for a while as we will have to take beds down have carpet laid and then put bed back up.  It will be a whole days job as I would have two bedrooms done at the same time.
Paul  managed to get some more joins sealed in his man cave as well yesterday and I have said that I will help him paper and paint that.  As he is only here for a few days (leaves on Wednesday), we will just get as far as we can with that project.  Craft room is exactly the same as it was Friday night oops.  I will get my finger out and get it sorted for tonight, it is a mess.

Here is another card we made during crafty week
 And the inside
Of course we just had to have a little tag to go along with it as well.
We used the amazing Painted Petals stamp set which I think must be another set along the lines of Lovely as a Tree stamp set, meaning that it so versatile and can be used for lots of occasions. The main colour is Rich Razelberry along with greens, blues and yellows.  I made everyone a little cloud template so that they could create their own sky. 

If you would like to order anything from Stampin' Up!, just let me know as  I shall be placing a little order this evening and I am really happy to add items to it.

Thank you for having a read, I hope you have a wonderful day today.

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