Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Midweek musing

Unfortunately it was back to work for me this morning but as it will only be a 3 day week, I coped well with it.

The everything room has had its makeover and I am so pleased with it all, new curtains up, walls decorated and wall art finished. A little photo

Now I am in the process of putting the study area of the dining room, into the everything room and hopefully, when Paul comes back, we can move the computer and printers over, that will give us a lot more space.

We have to move the washing machine before the boiler arrives but it doesnt fit in our kitchen too well.  The drawer unit (the one and only drawer in the kitchen), has to be removed as it is too big with the washer next to it.  A new drawer unit (smaller) has to be purchased.  So we take the old drawer unit out and put a new drawer unit in, where the freezer is.  The freezer has to move into a space in the dining room and therefore, I have created a space for the freezer.  Goodness, it does get complicated.  Once the boiler is in, we get to put the downstairs toilet in and then.....tah dah, the bathroom project begins.  Of course on top of all this life goes on, the chores get done and I have to try and sort out the gardens, loving it.

Here are this weeks weekly deals

I have a cheeky little order going in tomorrow night to stampin up.  If there is anything that you would like, please do get in touch.

Right, off to continue the evening.  Thanks for having a read and have a lovely night.

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