Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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Tuesday and it is supposed to be another warm day out there today.  Fingers crossed it stays that way, not too hot but not cold either.

Sunday I spent most of the afternoon helping Katerina correct her 15 page dissertation. Then of course my whole afternoon and most of the evening was spent doing the same thing. So today it is no surprise that I woke up with a headache but never mind, a few pills will soon get rid of that.

I didnt show you the photos from Scrapbook Saturday - these are the work in progress

 These are the finished layouts, without the captions.  The captions are something that I want to think about and with Paul's help, they will be just perfect.

Just to let you know that there are only 3 spaces left on Crafty Week next week, that is 3 on Tuesday evening and 3 on Friday evening. If you would like to come along and make a few cards and matching tags, eat homemade cake and have tea or coffee, laugh the evening away then please, do get in touch.  The evenings are £7 per person and the other things that you need to bring with you are enthusiasm and sticky stuff.

This is what I am coming home to most days now.  The birds are taking the moss off the roof and it falls all around the house.  So each day I have to go and sweep it all up before it gets into the house.  That is a dustpan full daily, yaks.  Its a pity I cant use it to fill  hanging baskets.

A bit more sorting then I can get into the crafty space to have a tidy up and then a play.  Thanks for having a read today. 

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