Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Good morning on this cloudy day.  The forecast is for rain later today so I will get as much done outside as I can before the rain arrives.

Didnt yesterday turn out wonderful, weather wise.  It wasnt so good on the painting front.  When we put the second coat of paint on the walls, the first coat of paint came off on the brush?  The roller looked as though we were artexing the walls as it left little tiny patterns and patchy, goodness.  I was not pleased at all and telphoned B and Q and told them so.  They have offered me a refund and I shall be going to change the paint pots over.  All that time painting  and the room still isnt finished.  Dont bother with Value B&Q paint, it isnt what it used to be.  Having used this paint for years, we shall not be using it again.....moan over.

Well not quite moan over, there is no more natural ivory card.  This is on the retired list and it went within seconds of being published.  I am saying no more on the subject but if you know of another card similar to the natural ivory card from Stampin' Up!, please do tell me about it.

Here is a photo of my winter flowers *giggles*.  My sis gave me some lovely winter plants for Christmas but we have discovered that they are Spring plants.

Lovely arent they, glad they survived the winter.  I now need some more to fill the rest of the border, guess  what I would like santa to bring me this year sis?

A little squashy box.

Something else we made last week during our crafty sessions.  This uses 12" x 6" piece of patterned paper and can hold all sorts of things.  You can get addicted to making them though.

I am off work today and we were supposed to be spending the day in Bakewell but the weather forecast is awful.  I think Paul wants a day in his man cave so that is what it will be. 

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day, what every you are up to.

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Jackie said...

Beautiful sunshine here Tracey, not a cloud in sight!
Very pretty pansies, and lovely bags/boxes :o)
Jackie xx