Sunday, June 7, 2015

Another Sunny Sunday

I was up with larks again this morning and I dont mind, even though it is Sunday.  I have lots planned for today and who minds if I put my feet up around 9pm tonight and have an early night?

Yesterday was lovely, lots of ladies, lots of chatter and a really enjoyable day, thanks to everyone who made it.  Speaking of made it, this is what we did.
 We also had a play with this card and for Jane, who stamped for the very first time, she made a great job of her card. *waving*

Of course the day wouldnt have been complete without a raffle for this prize

and this where Paul came in

Julie....its all yours whoop whoop.

I managed to get the craft room all ready for the next event which is Christmas Cards and Chatter evening next Friday so now I have a week to play, oh my, where do I start?

Katerina has just done her first week at work, bless her, 35 degrees in a beech bar yikes.  Sophia has finished her last exam for this semester so guess where she will be tomorrow, yes, 35 degrees in a beech bar.

Christiana is doing something wonderful today.  She is taking part in a world record
 something quite unusual is scheduled to happen at the GSP Stadium in Nicosia. A few hundred cars, maybe as many as 500 – but no fewer than 427, at the very least – will form the Cyprus Car Parade, an attempt to set a new Guinness world record.
Ranged in a line, with no gaps between them (the whole thing will be filmed, to provide documentary evidence), the cars will drive from the GSP towards the Latsia flyover and back again – a distance of around 4.5 kilometres – never breaking formation or allowing other cars to come between them. Given the logistics, which of course will require stewards and police support, it’s a bit surprising that anyone is eligible to take part, regardless of their driving skills – but it’s true: anyone who owns a Toyota, whether new or used, is welcome to turn up at 10.30am and add their car to the automotive conga-line, trying to break the record of 426 cars currently held by Toyota Denmark. She is so excited about this, I just hope it happens.

Right, I am off to start my day in the sunshine, thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day x

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