Saturday, June 20, 2015

It is scrapbook Saturday

Hello on this muggy Saturday, oh yes another muggy one.  It is to be around 20 degrees today with low cloud.  A possible stormy shower later but only possible which means, I get to water the garden first this this morning as I dont want to loose all the lovely flowers and trees that we have growing at the moment.  It takes me about 40 minutes to do it and the bonus is, I get to see the changes in all the plants.  We had a few major changes last weekend with the awful weather

This wonderful very old rose had snapped under the weight of the rain, so here are the before and after pictures.

This bushy plant bent over in the wind and looked as though it was about to snap, so we gave it a good trim.

Of course my wonderful tree just had to have something done to it, it was leaning so badly.  We tied it to the telegraph pole outside the house, I do hope no one nasty with a pair of scissors cuts the twine off.  I think we may have to stake this next year.

 One man sized ball of twine which we used for the tree.

Today is scrapbooking day.  I have a couple of very simple pages I would like to do, something I saw on pintrest and just loved it.  I also have to get my finger out getting scrapbooks done for the girls as I will be going out to see them in a couple of months.

Just some of the cards from last night, for some reason, they didnt all turn out very clearly.

We had a smashing night, learnt a trick or two and it ended the week on a very happy note (we had all had a busy week).

Best get started, have a wonderful day and thanks for having a read.

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