Monday, June 22, 2015

Twit Twoo

Good morning Monday, going to be a bit of alsorts weatherwise, on this, the first day of Summer, never mind.

Yesterday I spent the day doing so many little things, finished nothing but hopefully, final touches today and everything will get finished phew.

I tried to get to a local village fate but was turned away as the road was closed/busy a chappy told me.  He gave me directions to get into the village another way, so off I go.  I got lost.  I eventually went where I thought I should be going only to be told that the road was busy, I need to park up and walk the next 10 - 15 minutes huh?  I couldnt walk that far so I was really sad to have to turn around and drive home.  I will be better prepared next year.

There have been a couple of birthdays last week too.  So I got a little creative, twit twoo. Loved making these cards and because I showed them to a couple of people, I have orders to make 6 more, whooppee.  I shall get busy making them next weekend.

Yestdrday I got nearly everything ready for crafty week this week.  I have 4 spaces available on Friday so if you feel like starting your weekend with a card making class, it would be lovely to see you.  We shall make two cards, a couple of tags and who knows what else.  Just get in touch and I can book your place.

Well I had best get a wiggle on, I dont want to be late.  Thanks for having a read and have a fantastic Monday x

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Lesley said...

gorgeous cards Tracey - sorry you didn't get to your village fete - best wishes Lesley x