Sunday, June 14, 2015

Quiet Sunday

Good morning and a little bit of a sad day today, hubby is off on his travels again.

Yesterday we unpacked another box that contained these

Arent they lovely.  There is a little story behind them. Mum in law gave them to us quite a few years ago and they hung on the walls in the spare room at the other house.  When we decided to sell the house we had a lot of problems buying the one we are in now, it was tooing and frooing  for quite a few months.  One day Paul was on the telephone in the kitchen when we were told that the house was ours and we were given our moving date.  Whist he was on the phone, we heard THUD, followed by THUD THUD, well you get the picture, (excuse the pun).  After the phone call we both went upstairs to see what the noise was and both of these pictures were on the floor, the nails were in the wall, the hanging string was intact and there is no explanation as to how they fell off.  Paul was so intriged he got a ladder and climbed up and hit the outside wall to see if there was a problem and the wall vibrated, causing these pictures to come off.  His elephant flew into the wall. I am not too sure where they will go in the new home but I am having them valued out of interest.

Lots of SU goodies were collected yesterday so I know that lots of ladies are crafting today and to tell you the truth, I will be out there soon too.  I am setting up the room for tomorrow nights get together, which is a full house.

Thanks for having a read, lots of crafty bits to share with you tomorrow but, should you wish to order anything from the new catalogue, I am placing an order this evening at around 5pm.

Enjoy your day x

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