Friday, June 5, 2015

That Friday Feeling

Day off today whoop whoop, it certainly does feel like that Friday feeling.  I shall be making the most of it.

I have made a few small envelopes for my thank you cards.

I used the brand new Envelope paper which at £5.50 for 20 sheets is wonderful. Of course it isnt just for envelopes, ideal for matting and layering too. At 27.5 p a sheet it is cheaper than most wrapping papers so you could wrap your little pressies for a perfectly co-ordinated look, ohh, I think I will try that later.
Of course the envelope maker came in handy and I got great pleasure out of making my own envelopes.
A bit of 'job well done' feeling. 

If you would like to have a go with the envelope maker to see how it works or try some of the envelope paper, why not call in tomorrow?  I have an open house from 11 - 4 and it would be lovely to see you.  If you cant make tomorrow, get in touch and pop round one afternoon or evening next week.

I got up this morning with a few aches and pains.  I have never really used a saw but last night I did, sawing a tree down.  Then we planted some laural trees on the front, to try and seperate the front from the back.  It was hard work.  We had 5 hours solid digging and digging and Paul managed to use his mattock

Lots of people stopped to ask questions, make comments and it was a lovely evening, although it was tiring.  Afterwards, I certainly felt like it was a worthwhile evening.  A neighbour came down to see us quite late on and said she thought I had a naked man in the garden, Paul had his shirt off and of course, digging out a trench and wandering between the holly etc. you couldnt see his shorts,  so now we know why so many people came over for a look, bless him.

Off to start my busy day, if  you fancy a coffee later, I should be around but I may have a hoover or duster in my hands.  Have a wonderful day, what ever you may be up to. x