Saturday, June 6, 2015

Today is the day

Goodness me, 260 visitors on my blog yesterday?  Not sure how real that is but *waving* to everyone today.

Yesterday was lovely, I managed to get all my chores done (apart from the ironing) and then a bit more gardening phew, it was hot.  The table clothes were on the tables outside, the cushions were out and I managed to keep grabbing 10 mins, just sitting in the sun.

Of course, it wouldnt have been such a perfect day if I hadnt gone into the craft room so I had a couple of hours in there too, getting it all ready for today.

I have an open house today for my catalogue launch.  We shall make some cute bags, a card, look at new products, drink coffee, go through the catalogue and see some samples. 

There is a raffle and hopefully, some cake too.  Please do come along, the more the merrier and its lovely to sit and chat craft.

I made some tags to go with my thank you cards and envelopes

 The floor in Paul's man cave had the underlay fitted
Today he is putting the laminate down and wants to be up at 6am to make an early start, well actually he asked for a cuppa in bed at 6am but he does work hard and deserves it.

And this is what the sky was doing as I was locking up and going in the house last night
The saying is red sky at night, shepherds delight so fingers crossed for a lovely day weather wise today.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful day

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