Friday, November 27, 2015

Tagtastic Friday

Good morning, lets hope this weather temperature stays for a while, I can cope with 10 degrees at the end of November and the rain

Well the headache/migraine didnt go away yesterday.  The thing that bothered me is that one of my eyes closed and one side of my face looked a bit puffy and as I had a mini stroke a few years ago, I do worry a bit about migraines.  Fingers crossed that it will all go away over the weekend and things get back to normal.

I didnt do a lot yesterday, well I couldnt but I did sort out a few tags that I have made over the year, yes more tags, and here they are.

It is getting closer and closer to the girls visit and I really am looking forward to seeing them although I see them nearly every day on facetime / viber /  messenger, its the hugs that I miss.  Hoping that you have a wonderful day and thank you for having a read x

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