Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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20% Sale off some stamps.  The quickest and more secure way to make sure you get your stamps is to purchase them through my on line shop and, they get delivered directly to you.  I shall be placing an order this evening so if you would like me to try and get you those stamps that you want, please get in touch by 5pm.  

Two people from Cloudy to Clear came last Wednesday for an hour an hour.  I dont want to bore you will all the details but I wouldnt let then "jig up" the roof to put in new window sills.  A decision was made for the fitter, who now works for Cloudy to Clear, to come back on Thursday and make some repairs.  However, they did hose down the conservatory to see if the windows did leak, they took windows out and put them back and then spent over an hour talking to each other, outside the house when they left.  Thursday came and the fitter came in the morning when I was at work!! The holes on the window sill are even more obvious now......the stuff he has tried to fill them with has been spread even further.  The 'buffing' he is supposed to have done is with a sander so my windowsill is getting rougher and rougher, not smooth and shiny.  There is black fluff in the joints of the window units?  I called to say I am not happy and the fitter tells me, oh, I was wearing gloves, it must be wool from my gloves!!    He said he would be back on Friday afternoon to sort it.  He didnt return and I had a call from the company to say he was at the doctors with an upset tum. He turned up yesterday, removed the fluff and then put silicone in the bottom of all the windows, to stop the water coming in.  He then only went and took a blade out of his stanley knife and used just the blade to smooth out the repairs he did on the window sill, scratching another groove into the window sill.   I have had enough of this saga now and I have decided that tomorrow I am calling out another company to see how much they will charge to put things right and then I shall ask Cloudy to Clear to pay that bill. 

Paul's base is down whoop whoop.  At 9pm last night we went outside in the wind and the rain trying to cover the concrete up from the awful downfall and fingers crossed, it will be okay.  More rain is due at 10am today but hopefully, the concrete will have set.

Here is another card from our 'sky' night, this will be popped in the box for the right occasion and yes, I do have lots in my box

 We used lovely as a tree stamp which is one that we shall be using during crafty week next week.  Just 3 places left on the Tuesday evening.

Today my car is back at Honda for 4 recalls so I have my magazines ready, biscuit in my bag and I shall spend a couple of hours chilling....

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful day x

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