Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday at Tracey's

Good morning on this extremely mild Tuesday and we are told, no rain.  Fingers crossed that this is the case as today is the day that the ground work takes place to put up the last building.  There will be a skip on my drive so if you are popping over, it will be street parking for a week or two.

I rushed home from work yesterday to see the Cloudy to Clear people who were due to turn up with the professional company to see what they could do about the windowsill, holes, scratches, leaking windows and now the damaged units inside the conservatory and.......they didnt arrive.  I rang and left a message and they called back, they thought they were due today but, due to other appointments, could they change the day and time!!  Well they werent due today as its Tuesday at Tracey's and I wouldnt arrange for them to come today.  They are supposed to come tomorrow now.

Here is another card from our 'sky night' last week.  I have used Lovely as a Tree and brushes on this.  Bits of snow falling and a bit of glitter on it which doesnt really show up on the photo.  One for the box for the right occasion.

Dont forget, if you have a bit of free time later and fancy a catch up, the kettle is on from 2 - 4 and again after 6.30, it will be lovely to see you. 

Best get myself ready for work now.  Thanks for having a read and have a smashing day x


Jackie said...

It's about time that tradespeople started getting it right, too many seem to let us down nowadays!!!
Lovely card Tracey, this stamp set has become a classic as far as I am concerned, and probably used more than any others I have! :o)
Jackie xx

Lesley said...

have a great Tuesday's at Tracey's x