Thursday, July 17, 2014

Books and a good read

Yesterday, after another busy morning at work, I went home to sort out the net curtains.  I pinned them up sitting outside in the wonderful sunshine with a cuppa and drat, they were too long. Started again and viola, right length, all I had to do now was find the sewing machine and remember how to use it.  I am not very good on the sewing machine because I don't use it often enough. I want to make bags for the grandchildren and Alyson came round once and showed me how to make a wonderful bag and did I make any? No and now I have forgotten how to. Anyway, sewing machine located, switched on and after a few minutes I was off.
I got them finished and Paul put them up, phew.

Mum is making a slow but sure recovery, she is at the caravan at the moment enjoying the sunshine.  So, who got caught out in the showers yesterday?  I am glad I didn't do my washing.

As I am not crafting I have read a couple of books, both are lovely.  If you haven't read these but would like to, how about a swap for a couple of weeks?

I also have this magazine that I won't use, if you would like this, please let me know and I will get it to you.

Off to work for a few hours now and then it's back home to sorting out the bathroom before coffee and a sit down later this afternoon.

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day

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