Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 5 - Showery Sunday

So yesterday we managed to get rid of all the boxes in the bedroom, phew that was a task and a half.  I think I know where everything is but having gone from fitted floor to ceiling wardrobes to clothes rail hangers in the conservatory, a chest of drawers in the hall and a small wardrobe in the bedroom, things are certainly spread out a bit.  It will be put right eventually I just have to be a little patient as I know it will be worth it in the end.  I dont know which bedroom out of the two I want to use for us. 

The second bedroom at the moment is full of crafting items and until the garage has been transformed, I cant move the things out and unpack.

Still not found the saucepans so I still cant cook.

We also manged 2 hours cleaning at the empty house yesterday, packing a load into the car to bring back, it all ended up in garage (soon to be craft space) as well as lots of visitors so sitting on the deck drinking tea....well the sun eventually came out and it seemed a shame not to enjoy it.

Paul did a grand job of cleaning out the dishwasher - I cant describe what it was like before but it took him about an hour with all the inerds in the sink, a knife, jif, fairy and a scouring pad YAKS. So we put it on yesterday to give our few pots a wash and to see how long it takes.  After about half an hour I noticed all these soap suds on the kitchen floor and Paul said "do you know, I did wonder if I had cleaned out all the fairy liquid from the bottom of the dishwasher or not"  now we knew

Amy, our 9 year old grand daughter had her birthday last Thursday but Nana had to buy a card, yikes.  Mind you, there are some lovely ones out there now and it took me just as long to pick a card as it does to make one, anyway.  For her birthday party she and a  few friends went off to a recording studio and made a cd.  Wow, how wonderful and a great idea.  We heard it yesterday, the CD that is, and its smashing.  Lovely idea so for my next birthday.......joking.

I am missing crafting and have withdrawal doubt about it.  I think I know the Stampin' Up! Catalogue inside out and my copy is already looking very used.

My mum is always knitting, she loves it and this is her latest creation.

My neice is having her second child very soon and this is a baby blanket which has taken a lot of hard work, I think its wonderful and deserves a mention on the blog, what do you think.

I am hoping Paul will get to sort out all the gubbings to download photos onto the computer for me today, inbetween, going out to find some net curtains, lunch out, picking up the last of the bits from old house and trying to empty boxes in the kitchen.

Here is a photo I managed to get of one of the robins that visit, I think it will take a few months before I can get one of these eating out my hand but I shall try.
Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

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Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey, hopefully it won't take you too long to settle into your new home.
Sorry, I just had to have a chuckle about all the suds in the dishwasher, it's always funny when it is someone else's mess!
Jackie xx