Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 2

Well I woke up a little out of sorts this morning, no surprise as I was shattered last night. WHOOP WHOOP we are here, at last and how exciting is it for me.

It was a cuppa, looking out onto a strange garden, lots of birds and things everywhere, never mind.  Breakfast in a right assortment of bowels, no sugar or canderel but hay, we have milk lol.

The first job was to get some water in the bathroom sink for a wash up and feel fresh.....but there was a toothbrush stuck in the pipes? I wont tell you about the other stuff we have found just yet.

 So it took ages to sort that out but guess what, once that was out, the sink leaked OMG.  We decided to make the living room look nice because then at least we have somewhere to go at the end of the day to sit and relax so that is what we have done.  Obviously it has been a quick nip out to grab lunch, find a few bits and pieces, feed the fish back in the old house, have a hoover and spray the weeds and of course, up date my blog because I cant seem to do that at the new house.

We should have all the internet connects sorted by tomorrow night YEAH.  And of course, its Derby Dabblers so I hope to meet up with lots of people there too, as well as sit and craft a little.

Here are a few photos, just before the removel men arrived

Have a lovely evening and thanks for having a read


Lesley said...

Glad the move went well hope you'll both be very happy in your new home best wishes Lesley x

Jackie said...

So pleased that you finally got to move Tracey, it looks lovely. Good luck in your new home :o)
Jackie xx