Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wicked Wednesday

Today is supposed to be a little cooler with rain later this afternoon, that will save me watering the plants.  Mind you, it was supposed to have rained yesterday and we didnt get any. 

Lots of quotes coming in about the conservatory windows now.  A few of the pains of glass have got broken seals so they are not working as they should be and are rather unsightly so we are going to get them sorted.  I am told its a costly job but the quotes are a lot better than anticipated.

Work on the crafty space is progressing well.  Cables all in for heating, lighting and plug sockets, so that is a big step forward.  Unfortunately I am still not able to make a card but there is lots to keep me busy each day.  I am still painting fences, sweeping up outside, de weeding and forever hoovering to get the sawdust up from the hall.

Stampin' Up! have got some new weekly offers.

Oh, I just have to get my hands on that washi tape.  If you would like any of these, or anything else for that matter, I shall be placing my next order tomorrow afternoon.  Just get in touch and let me know what you would like.

Off to start my morning at work, have a lovely day and thanks for having a read

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