Sunday, July 27, 2014

New bits from Stampin' Up!

Where did yesterday go?  I got up extremely early and did all the washing, chores were finished by half 10 and even managed to scrub a great big patio window. When I say scrub, that is exactly what I mean, starting off with Jif, then fairy then warm water, a sqeezy and a dry cloth.  They shine now but I still have another 4 windows in living room, back door, a whole conservatory of windows and 2 bathroom ones to clean, never mind, a little bit each day and then I will have to start them all again.  I then spent to afternoon chatting away with friends on the decking in the back garden.  The time soon whizzed past.  We got infested by flying ants, there were 100's of the pesky things.  I have never experienced that before, hope we dont get them again today, yaks.

I had a lovely box of goodies last week and in it, for me was these little books.  I shall be using mine for my SU wishlist as well as scrapbook pages

You get 2 books for  £4.50 from Stampin' Up! 8.9 x 14cm

Did you know that you can now purchase Memento ink (£5.50) and Memento ink refill (£4.50) from Stampin' Up?  Well you can.  Buy them individually or together.

And what about these cute little pegs, smashing.  £5.50 for 20 pegs, all co-ordinating with the In-Colours.   I shall be using these on my next open day/sale/launch etc. all rolled into one and it really wont be too long before that happens.

Work is progressing in the Craft Room and I am hoping to be getting the studded wall up today, followed by another 3 walls over the week.  I just have to find a new door and 2 windows, very quickly so if you know of anyone getting rid of upvc doors or windows, please let me know.

Its the last call for anyone who would like to join Stamperettes today.  There is just one place left if you would like to join us and get your SU goodies bit by bit over the next 10 months.  Please give me a ring or send me an email or just call in before 5pm if this is something you would like to know more about, or wish to join.

Another good book that I have just read

If you would like this, let me know.

Right, off to start my day with a little bit of painting, thanks for having a read.

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