Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 4 - Saturday

 I almost forgot to tell you about the weekly deals - you may have to click on the image to make it a bit bigger so that you can read it.

If you would like any of these, tell me as quick as you can and I can add them to an order going in today, next order going in a week on Sunday.  Did you know that you can have your goodies delivered direct to your door, for the cost of £4.95.  No matter how big or heavy your order is, it will cost just less than £5.00.  Please let me know if you would like some more details about this as I am always happy to help, if I can.

So today the weather forecast for Derby is rain, rain followed by a little more rain.  I dont mind too much as we have lots of plants that need watering and no watering system in place, just yet.  The sound of the rain on the walk in wardrobe conservatory is like being in a caravan.  Mind you we have suspected that gutters may be blocked as the roof is FULL, and I mean FULL of moss, yikes that wont be too good.

Some more good news for me.....we exchanged contracts on the old house and are due to complete on Monday WHOOP WHOOP again.  The poor people buying the old house have had one problem after another with their solicitiors but at last, it is all done and dusted, well nearly. That does mean that we have to go and get it all finished, empty and presentable today.  I can do that.

Right, lets see what box needs opening now.  Have a wonderful day and I hope you manage to stay dry.

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Buffy said...

Wishing you every success with unpacking
Buffy x