Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 3 (said in big brother voice and accent)

Up before half 5, we must be mad but hay it doesnt matter.  Not too sure what day of the week it is but I do know that we have lots of boxes to empty so that is what we did for about 4 hours.  Then it was off to bank to change address, buy a few essentials (still cant find saucepans), the old house to collect more items ( who knows where these will be put) and back to the bungalow ready for Mr. Virgin - the internet man.

After another birds lunch we got the internet man who has put speedy gonzalous into the computer.  OMG is it fast?  I must learn to type faster to keep up lol.

It was a lovely hour or so sat on the deck having coffee with a lovely friend, lots of  phone calls and then out for yet another bite to eat......this really must stop, but maybe not today.

This was all followed by Derby Dabblers which was relaxing, and it was catch up with the ladies that came along, Jayne, Sandra and Christina.  Such a pity that others couldnt make it.

So tomorrow, the first order will be placed for new goodies from the Stampin' Up! Catalogue.  If you would like to have a look through the catalogue, purchase one or place a little (or LARGE) order, please do get in touch.  I have kept the same phone number 01332 721877, I have the same e-mail address and if you would like to pop in for a coffee, let me know and I shall be happy to give you my new address.

Project life features quite a lot in the new catalogue with everything that you need to get you started. If you fancy having a go at this, do please get in touch and maybe this is something we can do together, once every couple of weeks, to build up your own album

 Here is one of my new visitors to the garden

I really must get some sleep now so, until tomorrow when maybe, just maybe I will find a couple of crafting bits, thanks for visiting

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