Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesdays Twitter

Tuesdays twitter and what a lovely day yesterday was and today is going to be.

I had a really nice morning at work and as I was so busy, the time just flew by.  Once home Paul had lunch ready (birds ham salad cob) and we began sorting out some more boxes.  The idea is to get all the boxes in the kitchen emptied and put away.  Then when work commences on the new craft shack/craft shed/craft retreat/or what would you call it? well, when work starts in there, I will bring in the bits from the garage, back to the kitchen.   When the crafty space is all kitted out, then the spare room will be emptied into the crafty room, the things in the kitchen can go in the spare room and so can my clothes, leaving the conservatory free, well, that is the plan.

On my way home from work yesterday I thought "I must check the smoke alarms"  I got in to the house and imagine my surprise to discover that there were no smoke alarms in the building, non at all, oh no.  I rang the local fire station and this wonderful lady answered the phone and she knew me *giggling*.  It was so nice to hear a familiar voice and to be pointed in the right direction.  Thank you so much Alison.  Anyway, I got a visit just a couple of hours later from the fire brigade and the chappie did a full assessment of the bungalow, told us lots of interesting and useful information.  We thanked him and then he did no more than install two smoke alarms, all free of charge, how amazing is that?

We had a lovely visit from Ruth at the same time as the fireman and she came armed with cake, card and flowers, thank you so much so, what did we all do? Sat in the garden for an hour chatting away, looking through the Stampin' Up! book and discussing this and that over tea....

 A little later on, Paul and I decided it was time to do a little trimming of the hedge on the front as its catching people in the face when they walk past and we dont want that.  It looked lovely when we finished, oh it needs a good cut but we shall do that another day.  Then  Bro in Law came round with the lawn mower but as the heavens opened, we shall leave the lawn until another day.

Guess what I found? oh yes, I can start to cook again, as from tonight as I have no excuse at all now.
My next Stampin' Up! order will be placed on Sunday morning so, if there is something you need, let me know and I shall add it to the order (p+p 50p) or you can have a delivery to your own home, anytime.

Off to do another few hours at work before coming back to empty more boxes. Have a lovely day and thanks for having a read

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