Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday morning wash

Monday and the sun is shinning, already 19 degrees in my garden so the washer is on, a typcal Monday Wash Day.

Had a lovely day yesterday, sorting, cleaning, cutting but nothing crafty. A lot of shredding was done to try and get the files a bit thinner in the filing cabinet.

No work today but going to have a cuppa with a friend, off to post office to change car log book and driving licenses.  Do you know I tried to change these on line, what a farce.  I was on the computer for over 20 minutes for it to tell me, now take your originals to the post office and fill in form number xxxx.  tut tut.

Paul whipped me out for a quick bite at Blue Jay at lunchtime but I had earned it.  We have cut, trimmed and hacked the foliage on our front garden and whilst it is now neat and tidy, we have only just made a little dent in what has to be done.  I think its going to be a case of getting rid and starting all over again.  I cant tell you  how thick the holly, the conifers and all the other plants are in there.  I could make use of the space.

We managed to get the blinds up in the bathroom, the study desk (which is in the kitchen) all tidied up and even ebay a few more items before the footy.  I personally dont like football so continued with the sorting for a while but then went to join Paul to watch it, only to fall asleep.

I had some lovely flowers last week and as they needed to be cut down a bit (due to the heat), I salvaged these and put them in a small cup, so cute.
We were lucky enough to receive another new home card, which is lovely, thank you George.

Right, I had best get on with the chores, thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day.

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Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey, I hope that you are getting settled in now. Not a football fan myself but I am enjoying the Tour de France :o)
Jackie xx