Friday, July 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Charleigh

Last night I thought mmm, I feel a bit better, I will see if I can drive into work tomorrow.  I woke up at 1.30am in pain with my right hand, it is so big, red and yakky looking.  As I tried to get out of bed (tried is the word), my left ankle was awful as was my right hip.  What a to do.  Hence to say I didnt try to drive and here I am soldiering on....sigh

It is Charleighs birthday today and she is 2 years old (my niece's daughter).  This is the card and matching envelope and tag set I made for her....when I was able to.

She hasnt got them yet but as non of my family know I have a blog, never mind about reading it, (apart from Sophia, Katerina, Christiana and Paul), no one is likely to see the card.  Paul is on his way home today yippee so life will become a little easier.
I shall be putting in another SU order this weekend (or Paul will if I cant).  If you would like anything, please do let me know.  Postage will be 50p when collected from Alvaston.

It is really with a sad heart to let you know that I will no longer be having a crafty week after this evening.  I just can not get kits prepared for so many people so I have decided to give it a miss in August and hopefully I can get my medication sorted out.  As soon as I am able to do these again, I will let everyone know.  In the meantime, there will still be Christmas card club and Magazine Make monday as well as other bits and pieces.  Of course the kettle will always be on and everyone is welcome to call in as often as you wish, even bringing your crafty bits with you to do at the same time.  It has been suggested that now that I have decided to call my crafty space Homemade, I should call it Homemade Drop In Center lol.

Enough from me today, thank you so much for having a read and I wish you a wonderful Friday x

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