Friday, July 29, 2016


Good morning and again, it is a stay at home day.  My neck is a little easier but not so much that I can drive or walk many steps.  I have woken up with a very swollen and painful left knee to go with the neck, shoulder and arm pain.....not so good.  So I will potter as much as possible and continue to stay positive.

I got the camera out yesterday and, as promised a few photos of outside.

These are photos of the laurels that we added last June.  They have worked out perfectly and have grown very busy and strong.  A lot nicer and a lot cheaper than the brick wall we were going to put in.
 This years tubs, I love how we have over filled them.  We weren't sure to start with but now we know we made the right decision.

 My sweet pea has started to get flowers.  Last year this all died back and didnt do too well at all.  I have paid a little extra care to it this year and fingers crossed it should get a few more flowers.
 The cucumbers (Cactus Sophia thinks).  They are a bit strange but I will monitor their progress

 Tomatoes, lots and lots of them.  I do hope they go red though.

So that is a little bit of the outside and the greenhouse.  Here is the first of the samples with the new Grateful Branches Die Set.

I would like to say a big thank you to the lady that has just purchased the embossing folder via my shop.  If you would like to pop over anytime for a cuppa and a crafty chat, you are most welcome, as are all my friends.

Have a lovely day and thanks for having a read x

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