Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunny Sunday

Good morning, I just saw the weather forecast and it says 26 degrees for Derby?? it would be nice if that was the case but I am not sure.

My right hand is now back to normal YEAH.  My left hand is slightly swollen and gives a little pain so that is improving.  Today my right shoulder/arm is playing up, it feels as though I have pulled a muscle oh oh.

Yesterday Paul took me out to look at new beds, oh my.  We went to Kingsway Shopping Center quite early in the morning to Bensons for Beds.  Walked in and said we wanted to have a wander, okay said the assistant, couple of minutes later assistant came back, "can I tell you...." we said thanks, we just want to have a look.  Off he went, a couple of minutes later a lady assistant came over, "can I show you...." and we were not really left alone to look.  After half an hour we left only to join a queue to get out of the car park.  We were in said queue for over an hour and a half so we shall not be going back to Kingsway any time soon.  It seems that there are new traffic lights in the area but personally, I think it is the way the car park is laid out too.  I have since discovered that lots of people have had problems there and the trick is to either park in Sainsburys opposite the center or in the 'top' car park where currys is. 

Paul and I downloaded an app last Monday so that we can monitor our food intake and hopefully cut back a bit and lose a couple of pounds each week.  Last week I managed to shed two and half pounds which I am really pleased about.  Not sure what Paul has done yet.

Just look at these home grown beauties

 I cant believe the taste of these wonderful potatoes.  We are going to start to grow some more very soon because now I have been spoilt.  Mind you, whilst the cost of the actual potato seed was cheap, the price of the earth to keep topping the bags up was quite expensive tut tut.

Paul helped for a while in the greenhouse last night and we sorted out tomatoes and the mint and strawberries and the smell from everything is just devine.  I wish I could bottle it up as it is nothing that I have experienced before.

It was Amy's birthday whilst we were away and here is the card I made for her
I loved doing this.... as usual.

Well enough from me for today.  Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday, whatever you are up to.

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Lesley said...

Lovely card, home grown veggies are the best, sadly I've not been able to grow veggies this year due to our extended holiday x