Sunday, July 31, 2016

Birthday Girl

Good morning on this lazy Sunday, well I hope it to be a lazy one but who knows.

Woke up today with bigggg hands.  Both hands are affected today and apart from the usual unsteady feet, no other pain.  Starting to sound good but now I have to remember not to overdo things as this is what happens.  I feel okay so I do a lot more than I should and then tomorrow....I suffer.

We are having an early Sunday lunch today as we have another birthday party to go this afternoon.  This is Willow yesterday blowing the candle for her first birthday. 

The cake was stunning and it reminds me that I really must learn how to ice a cake which was one of my New Year resolutions. I shall try and have a go during August.

Paul is hoping to cut the hedge today as it is starting to get a little out of hand, we shall be keeping the height as it is hiding his workshop so a good tidy up is required and then he said it is a week of gardening.

Short and Sweet due to the discomfort of typing but thank you so much for nipping in for a read.  It really is appreciated.  I do see how many visitors call in, although I dont get too many comments.  Wishing you a wonderful Sunday x

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